Make A Promise To Yourself

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Every year I take note of all the things that really make me happy…or unhappy. Once I gather a list of a few things that especially impact my life one way or another, some thought is given to which one of these I could change in my life for the most significant impact.

About a month before my birthday, I settle on which one I will gift myself on that special day. One year, many years ago, it was quitting my smoking habit. Another year, it was giving up my watch-tick-tock, tick-tock…always reminding me I was late- and I’ve been happier ever since. Another year, I quit drinking…all alcohol…and kept that up for 10 years until my children were grown. (Talk about challenging!)

Another year, I gave up my long locks and chopped my hair to a near buzz cut in order to stop perming and curling and combing and coloring- UGH! You cannot believe the number of people (women and men) who compliment me on my hair! They often say they wish they had the courage to do the same. Amazing what fear keeps us from doing.

Recently, I decided I would give myself arms I could feel comfortable showing off, since I’ve hated my arms for the last 20 years. This would require a fitness regimen. Something I knew would be bigger than most gifts I have given to myself in the past.

Once I achieved arms I could love, the next year I decided it was a year of wearing color, instead of the slimming black that was my trademark look.

As you can see, each year I make a promise to myself, a gift to myself really, that will change my life for the better. I deserve it and once a year I am worthy of a life-changing event. Now, these changes may seem silly or simple, but they really were and continue to make a great impact on my level of happiness.

This gift can be a burden that I remove from my life or something that is missing from my life that is so small but would bring so much joy if I would just allow myself to include it in my days. Once I’ve given it enough thought to choose it as my gift, I’ve committed to removing it or adding it to/from my life. I’ve acknowledged that it will make a big improvement and it’s only difficult to implement…not to embrace and change for good.

If you were to gift yourself in the next year with something simple- good or bad- that would make a big impact if you changed it for the better, what would it be? Can you make a promise to yourself that you’ll make this change to improve your life for you? You are worthy, you know? You deserve to give yourself this gift…to make yourself that promise.

What will it be? Give it some thought and share it below in the comments if you feel comfortable. We’re all here to encourage each other and we know how difficult it is to accept change, especially if it’s good for us. What gift are you worthy of giving yourself? I can’t wait to hear about it!