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52weeksoffitness.comNew Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. How many times have you declared you were going to get fit and eat right? Lose ten pounds? Quit smoking? Drink less? Start an exercise program? Smile more? Be less of a jerk? Stand up for yourself? Save more money?

Each year, millions of these declarations are made, and each year, millions of them are broken. Why do we make resolutions anyway? Clearly, we know there is something in our life that we want to change. Something that is making us feel unhappy or inadequate in some way and we hope to change it.

A resolution is an act of deciding to change something. Deciding to change something isn’t going to get it done. A REVOLUTION is a dramatic change in the way we perceive something or our ideas about it. Just deciding to do something different isn’t enough. We must change how we think about what we want to make different in our lives in order to make it stick.

So, what is it that we want to do in the New Year? Do we want to lose a bunch of weight or make another change and when we face challenges during our work toward this goal, get discouraged and give up because it’s not coming to us as quickly as we’d like?

Or, do we want to evolve in the way we think about these important changes, transforming our lives around these ideas to make the change sustainable and lasting?

Lasting change only happens when we embrace the transformation, not the goal. 

What does this mean? It means that rather than striving to reach a goal, we strive to live in the changes that get us there.

So- how do we embrace the transformation rather than the goal?

  • We envision ourselves transformed
  • We observe and embrace the changes to our daily lives that transform us
  • We ignore the negative messages we send ourselves that stop us from embracing change
  • We tell ourselves we already are who and what we hope to be

How will  you embrace your transformation rather than your goal? Share with us in the comments  so we can all be inspired by your ideas!

Be sure to connect with us to keep in touch and share your transformation updates.

Happy New Year to all of you, and may we all embrace our transformation together in 2015!


  • 1GloriesWriter

    “Embrace Transformation” – what a wonderful and impactful little statement. Thank you for this. I’m going to burn that into my psyche as i work to bring change… er, TRANSFORMATION in my in my overall physical health. Best wishes to you.

    • 52WeeksOfFitness

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and for taking the time to comment. It’s a tough challenge…change. I find that I can be more successful if I can learn to love the things that bring me to the changed state so I can continue to embrace my new state of being. If we perceive all the things we have to do to be healthy as challenges or irritants or unpleasant. Learning to embrace even the “work” we have to do to get there will work wonders in helping us to sustain our positive changes. Good luck to you in the New Year with the transformation you have in mind. Enjoy the journey!

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