Are You Ready For 52 Weeks Of Fitness?

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52 Weeks of Fitness will begin in the new year!Are you ready for 52 Weeks of Fitness? I’m so ready! We’re showing off the new site and we are really excited! The first week of January, this site will become THE place you and I can explore what it means to be fit.

Maybe you want to start a fitness regimen. Maybe you are already fit and need accountability and encouragement. Maybe you need a place to go where you feel like you’re not alone- where others face the same daily doubts an struggles even when they know the changes they seek will make their lives so much better.

I know what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a community to encourage and inspire and to share with me their ideas, their best advice, and all the encouragement they can muster when we’re making excuses to defeat ourselves and our well being.

When I beat the temptation to skip my workout, I want a place to go to help others do the same. When I find information that I hope will boost others’ ability to meet their goals, I want a place to share that. If someone has a success story or an idea that has helped them be healthy and committed to themselves, I want a platform to offer that experience.

Each week, I’ll post information that I hope will be something you can use to meet your goals for fitness. You’ll find additional tid-bits that may get you thinking or requests for reviews on fitness regimens, products, or techniques that may help us get the job done. Plus, your comments on your experience, encouragement, and knowledge about how to be our best selves.

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Let us know in the comments below where you are in your fitness journey and what you hope to achieve in the next 52 weeks. I hope to lose 10 more pounds and to find the motivation to work out in the morning so I can’t convince myself to skip it in the afternoon. I’d also love to learn how to eat smaller portions. Even with healthy food, I cannot stand to see an inch of bare space on my plate. These goals aren’t too lofty, are they? We can help each other if we take it one step at a time.

No excuses. Only changes. Make a promise to yourself…

I can’t wait to get started!