Week 1- Change…Just. One. Thing

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Make small changes to change your life.What is Fitness?

So what is this thing called “fitness” anyway? Do we even know? Can it even be quantified? Merriam-Webster says fitness is “the quality or state of being fit”. Oh really? Can you be a little more vague on that Merriam? Or was it Webster that came up with that ambiguous definition?

There are so many people and programs out there trying to impress upon us their view of what fitness is and how we should achieve it. How can we determine what is the right path for us? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and trying method after method without results or sustainability?

Choosing a Path and Making It Stick

How can we make a goal or determine a new path to something if we can’t even really define it? It’s not as hard as it sounds, but for most of us, we will flail and flounder at this for most of our lives and wonder why we can’t get it right.

The truth is, you don’t need gimmicks, or the new craze in supplements, or the next big workout equipment. We must teach ourselves that it can feel good to live well and be fit. We are capable of making and enjoying new habits that impact our health and make us feel good about ourselves. Becoming fit is more about learning to experience change well than anything else. That is the root of success as you strive to be fit.

Incremental changes in our lives will teach us how to love the road to where we’re going, not just the destination. (Click to Tweet this!)

Just One Thing

Today, take a look at your routine. Sit down at the end ofyour day and make a list of all of the things you did and all of the things you ate or drank. How long did you sleep? How late did you go to bed? What time did you get up? What did you have for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks? How much water did you drink? How much did you move? Walk? Exercise? Read? Watch TV? Use the computer? Get outside? Spend time with family? Argue? Smile? Stress about things? Drink Alcohol? Smoke? List any other important habits that you include in your daily or weekly routine that impact your well being.

When you are finished with that list, choose one thing on it. You can be choosy or you can throw a dart at it and let fate decide. Just choose one thing that you could change that could impact your health. Now, decide to change it and replace it for good with something good for you that can fit into your life comfortably and be something you could learn to enjoy. (Now keep that list because we’re going to use it again!)

For example…let’s look at breakfast. Do you eat a Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwich with cheese on it and have a mocha latte for your breakfast? Or do you eat sugary cereal on your way out the door? If so, this week begin replacing that with a cup of vanilla fat free Greek yogurt with a half cup of the granola of your choice or a cup of black berries, raspberries, or blueberries on it. Just one meal.

Or, if you only get 5 or 6 hours of sleep each night, go to bed an hour earlier and shoot for 7. Just one hour.

I always allowed myself a bowl of ice cream for dessert. What’s wrong with that? Well, sugar, fat, that’s what’s wrong with it. How about switching to that same fat free vanilla Greek yogurt for your dessert? You could put some fruit on it, or even a drizzle of lite chocolate syrup…just one drizzle.

Do you usually have a couple of beers after work? Or more than one glass of wine? Try to nurse one a little longer and cut back by one drink. If you need a little zing in your replacement beverage, try a no-calorie, flavored Polar Seltzer instead. Just one drink.

Do you think 4 cups of coffee during the day is the same as drinking water? Well, it isn’t. Plan to replace one cup of coffee with an 8 oz glass of water. Just one cup.

Do you sit at a desk all day and rarely get up or out? Plan to walk the halls of your office for 10 minutes today. Just 10 minutes.

We are looking to make this change as comfortable as possible so we can begin recognizing how these small changes can impact our lives while enjoying the process. You can do this.

Just. One. Thing.

What one thing will you change this week? What will you replace it with? Check back in and share your feelings and your progress with this change as the week goes on in the comments of this post. If it sucks, let us know! If it feels liberating, share with others! If you want ideas about changes you can make, feel free to ask.

Remember…just one thing.

Thanks for reading and good luck this week! And if you want to be sure to catch all of our posts, take a minute to connect with us.